Excerpt from ‘First Encounters’ a chapter from ‘Thieves Of Echoes’

“High up in the bough of an old pine was not the ideal place but, given the circumstances, for the two youngsters it was perhaps a better outcome than any alternative and their possible scenarios. The vicious weather conditions that had led to this particular scenario still sent shock waves as a harsh reminder to all that managed to prevail with a cool introduction to any new life, providing a stern test that would challenge their very survival.”

Foreword – excerpt

Although fictional the story contains many truths, where the characters are clearly fictional they do represent those that face real life struggles. It has a field where an imaginary line must be drawn, a line between fact and fiction and it has been left for the reader to decide where to place it.


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Rowan – Another victim of abject failure

We should remember that in spite of having laws to protect our birds of prey, they have failed spectacularly. The RSPB has been faced with this challenge and failure for many years, it is nothing new to them and so when the ‘parties’ were brought together to solve the problem and yet again the persecution continued, what should we have expected?

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